Caturday before Caturday

Looks like there are going to be two Caturdays in one week. How fun is that? That’s because I missed a Catuday last week, but there were still stories happening the previous week so here they are.

Lucky, the stray cat who disappeared, has returned in the most miraculous way. A man came up to me and told me that Lucky took a ride in his engine. Not only had Lucky survived the engine ride, but he also survived several days of unbelievable for these territories cold. We walked back together. He walked along like a dog, commenting things on his way.
Stray cat Lucky is returning to his territory

When he recognized the territory, he became very chatty and happy. Lucky is back.
Three street cats eating outside

A very similar story happened that week to another cat, a kitten, to be exact. Here’s the kitten with his mommy in a cat friendly shop.
little kitten hugging his mommy cat

kitten playing with his mother

little kitten posing for a camera

Mother cat with a sleeping kitten

A woman was taking care of this kitten, until the day he disappeared. All attempts to find him failed. Then, a week later, we were walking along the streets and heard some desperate mewing. I didn’t understand who it was, the kitten recognized us first. He rushed across the road to catch up with us. I had to literally stop the traffic so that he wouldn’t be hurt. Only some moments later did we realize that it was the disappeared kitten. We fed him and took him back to his usual territory.
Scared hungry homeless kitten eating at night

The kitten’s ear suffered during the ride in the engine, but apart from that he’s fine. He’s back to sleeping in the shop.
Kitten sleeping in his bed

These were the most memorable events of the previous week. There’s always more news in my twitter. See you next Caturday!


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