Life in Montenegro

Here are some of the stories. It’s been a tough time. There are hundreds of homeless dogs in this area, they pose danger to cats. packs of stray dogs in Montenegro

With the arrival of the killer dog the situation got even worse. The dog devotes all his time to a search for cats to kill. He’s well trained and is probably a discarded fighter dog. Here he is. killer dog on the streets of Montenegro

As there’s no shelter here in Bar, Montenegro, there’s absolutely no way to get him off the streets. Although I haven’t seen him for some time now, probably, because of the series of Christmas poisonings that killed many homeless animals. Here’s a couple of articles about that. You’ll have to use google translate to read them. No English language press has published the stories.

One article

Another article

The summary is that the poison is thrown regularly and lies everywhere on the streets together with animal corpses. Many people think it’s the authorities themselves who “clean” the place this way. Whoever they poisoners are, they were never caught, although it’s the 6th poisoning in the recent months.

Beautiful cat Phoenix didn’t survive the attack of the killer dog. I tried to save him, but he couldn’t recover after his injuries. Phoenix a perfect cat who didn't survive a dog attack in Montenegro

Another cat survived a dog attack, that’s why he was called Lucky. I treated him for his injures and he lived next to other cats for a long time, before disappearing when the fierce weather came. Lucky_the_cat_who_was_lucky

Winters are usually mild here with temperatures rarely colder than +10C. This winter, though, they went all the way down to -6. The water in cats’ cups didn’t melt even in the sun. I collected circles of ice. water for cats froze in the cups

It’s the first warm day today, so cats are defrosting. Homeless cat enjoying the warmth of the sun
Homeless cat enjoying the warmth of the sun

These are Zak and Pro, the guys from an earlier post. kittens being silly while defrosting

Their mom was almost killed by a hard blow of an unknown origin. She survived by mere luck, I was not able to take her to vets as she’s feral. That’s how she was shaking those days:

It’s very hard to help animals here, not only because of the amount of homeless animals, and absolutely no help from the state, but also because of constant harassment and abuse directed at those who are trying to help. I was harassed and then physically attacked while helping these homeless kittens. a group of hungry homeless kittens

That’s what life in a European country, called Montenegro is like. an almost blind cat with hungry kittens


10 thoughts on “Life in Montenegro

  1. Bernadette

    Frightening how the world treats its animals. I feel just as bad for you having to watch this and try to help. There are places in the US like this, though we have laws against it that aren’t enforced, but I know your country doesn’t even have laws. Sad.

    1. catsmne Post author

      Thank you for your attention. Montenegro does have laws against all this, but they are only in paper. It was obliged to build enough shelters by 2010, it didn’t. Animal abuse is illegal here, but it’s hard to even report the poisonings.

      I think the main difference with US would be the reaction of the public. Here, even the poisonings are supported by many, let alone the general revolting attitude towards animals.

      1. Bernadette

        I didn’t realize Montenegro had laws to protect animals–so many actually have laws preventing humane treatment of animals. And those dogs–frightening.

        I understand how it works–we have communities, right around me, which are permitted, even encouraged, to poison or shoot stray and feral cats, and people are fined and prosecuted for actually feeding them, when our “humane laws” say that abandoning an animal or letting it suffer is against the law. People here approve of this–whole communities pass the law to kill cats just because they are homeless. We are making progress against this in some areas, but only by the goodwill of individuals, as you are doing. There is little to enforce the laws. What do children learn about how to act toward animals from all this? Does the next generation carry it on?

        The surprising thing? That cats look the same all over. The wonderful cats you feed and care for could be the ones we see living outdoors here. How can people feel so differently about them? And yet they feel differently about other humans as well.

  2. Animalcouriers

    Heatbreaking for you to look on and see all the work you have been involved in devastated by dogs. We see this in many poorer countries we travel in and the cat sanctuaries / welfare organistions are as powerless as you. So sad that you’ve had the cold to battle with too. Keep doing the wonderful things you do.

    1. catsmne Post author

      Thanks for your support guys.
      I recently learned that the situation is not better in Dubai either, so it’s probably not the question of money. After all, it takes nothing to at least not hurt an animal.

  3. derrycats

    I am so sorry for the obstacles put in your way as you help the animals. Bless you for the things you are able to do despite the awful circumstances.

  4. Cats & Co

    Heartbreaking to see this. But you deserve so much respect with what you do to help them, to help them recover and all those things. It’s amazing. You deserve an award.


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