An update.

I feel if I don’t post whatever I can post, I will never post again. I simply have no time for well crafted texts, beautifully taken photos and nicely arranged stories. The stories keep happening too quickly. There’s never an end to them. The photos are taken with phones, the texts turn outdated before I even finish a draft.

So here they are, just a few bits and scraps.

Zak and Pro from one of the previous posts are almost ok. Zak has lost a tip of his ear in a fight the details of which I’ll never learn, which caused an ear infection, which probably caused an overall respiratory infection, all of which we successfully fought off, and by “we” I mean, Zak, me and vets.
Here’s Pro being silly, trying to get Zak, while Zak’s trying to get any cuddles possible.
Screen Shot 2014-09-27 at 02.37.20

Pro and Zak are eating.
Two stray cats eating

The awesome Orange Cat has been neutered! A local woman played an important role in the whole process and I feel very thankful to her and to all other people who made it at all possible. The Orange Cat is still homeless, still craves to be an indoor cat, still battles many problems, but now she has one problem solved.
A beautiful orange cat who is homeless

This is another homeless kitten in Montenegro. I’m not even sure I’ll see her again. She doesn’t have a name. She just has skin and back paws problems. I’m taking her to vets and feeding her, but it all is useless. The climate has changed to the worse in the country. There are torrential rains, insane winds and it’s already too cold for September.
homeless tiny kitten in Montenegro

In these couple of days, there was also a feral kitten stranded on a highway, we managed to take it to a safer place. There’s a blind kitten, with some chances to be able to see again, a family is providing a place for him, I’m just helping with the translation at the vets and I also bring him to the clinic, when the family is busy.

There are people who start rows if they see a water bowl under their long ago broken vehicle. They throw the bowls away… Some throw tiny kittens away. I found one a few days ago. He didn’t make it. The local woman mentioned above is now fighting for the lives of the four newborn kittens that somebody left at the trash containers during the downpour.

There are people here who urinate in the cat water bowls, there are people who urinate on cats.

There are very few who genuinely try to help, and many who come up with assignments for me to do.

There’s really just too much going on for one blog post, for several blog posts. A lot of the information gets to the twitter account, twitter is faster and more convenient for describing such events.

As for the events themselves, I’m sorry, but I’m not longer able to shield you from negative information. How would one filter information on the topic of animal abuse and neglect? Taking into account, how they “solve” the stray dogs problem here (three torturous shelters for the whole country and global, regular, organised animals poisoning on the streets), I’m close to being thankful for this neglect. That’s the mantra I repeat to people here on a daily basis – ‘just do not hurt them’. I’m no longer hoping for help.


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