The cat I adore and other news

Hello everybody!
I’ve started a youtube channel for the homeless cats of Montenegro and there’s already the first video. It’s nothing special but heart-warming, the video shows lovely Osen and the way she talks.

I also now tweet the details that didn’t go into a full-length wordpress post. You can read and follow CatsMNE twitter account here.

The thing I’ve been the most excited about is the upcoming Animal Welfare course organised by Edinburgh University. It’s online and it’s free. You can read about the course and join it here. The course starts on 14th July.

Although this is a cat blog, here’s a not cat photo that I took years ago in an amazing place that I will forever love. What a way to cross paths with Edinburgh and its University again.
a violin player in the centre of Edinburgh


11 thoughts on “The cat I adore and other news

  1. derrycats

    Thanks for caring for the cats. As someone who does lots of TNR work for our community cats, I appreciate your care and concern for the cats in your place!

    1. catsmne Post author

      Thank you, Victoria! 🙂 I love this video too and very excited about all the news myself, especially about the course!


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