A cat family

I see many cats every day. For example this is a family that accepts meals from me. The mother’s name is Hilya. They are quite feral and still confused about their own feelings towards me, so when they see me, they run to me and hiss and mew at the same time, and are not sure if they are horrified or happy.
There are stories about them, but as they are not easy ones, I’ll leave them for some other time. Now let’s simply watch their picnic:

Hilya performs the hissing mews to beg for food.
white cat is sitting on the street with her mouth open

The first kitten joins.
a mother cat scratches and mews next to her kitten

The second kitten joins.
three cats are waiting for food outside

We is ready, where is food?
kittens look into the camera while the mother cat is looking away

Mother cat begs for food while kittens are watching

a kitten is begging for food next to his mother cat and a sibling

Where is the food?!
mother cat yells into the camera

two cats eating

third kitten in the middle

a third kitten licks near the food

Food protection mode on.
a kitten protecting his meal


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