These cats need home

closeup portrait of a black and white cat looking to the side

cat rolling in the sun

grey cat sitting on the street

Orange cat looking to the site

Cat is walking on the streets next to parked cars

They need home, because they are warm, affectionate creatures, who love being around people, who understand people, listen to any intonation and watch any gesture. These cats get attached to people easily. They wait for those they love. They give up food for cuddles. They crave love. They want to be indoors, they try to sneak under roofs of cafes or open terraces, but they are rarely welcomed there. They never require much and are always joyful about any scraps of comfort they were lucky to get – a box, a thrown away piece of cloth, a warm car’s hood. These cats behave like pets, they feel like pets, love like pets, but they have neither owners nor homes. They live on the streets of Montenegro, and this is a very harsh life to live, for the reasons that I will explain later.

If you know anybody who could be interested in these cats, please, send them the link to the post. Let others enjoy the photos, so that more people can see these cats, as these cats deserve to be seen.

Click a photo of a cat if you want to learn more information about her.


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