Caturday before Caturday

Looks like there are going to be two Caturdays in one week. How fun is that? That’s because I missed a Catuday last week, but there were still stories happening the previous week so here they are.

Lucky, the stray cat who disappeared, has returned in the most miraculous way. A man came up to me and told me that Lucky took a ride in his engine. Not only had Lucky survived the engine ride, but he also survived several days of unbelievable for these territories cold. We walked back together. He walked along like a dog, commenting things on his way.
Stray cat Lucky is returning to his territory

When he recognized the territory, he became very chatty and happy. Lucky is back.
Three street cats eating outside

A very similar story happened that week to another cat, a kitten, to be exact. Here’s the kitten with his mommy in a cat friendly shop.
little kitten hugging his mommy cat

kitten playing with his mother

little kitten posing for a camera

Mother cat with a sleeping kitten

A woman was taking care of this kitten, until the day he disappeared. All attempts to find him failed. Then, a week later, we were walking along the streets and heard some desperate mewing. I didn’t understand who it was, the kitten recognized us first. He rushed across the road to catch up with us. I had to literally stop the traffic so that he wouldn’t be hurt. Only some moments later did we realize that it was the disappeared kitten. We fed him and took him back to his usual territory.
Scared hungry homeless kitten eating at night

The kitten’s ear suffered during the ride in the engine, but apart from that he’s fine. He’s back to sleeping in the shop.
Kitten sleeping in his bed

These were the most memorable events of the previous week. There’s always more news in my twitter. See you next Caturday!


Life in Montenegro

Here are some of the stories. It’s been a tough time. There are hundreds of homeless dogs in this area, they pose danger to cats. packs of stray dogs in Montenegro

With the arrival of the killer dog the situation got even worse. The dog devotes all his time to a search for cats to kill. He’s well trained and is probably a discarded fighter dog. Here he is. killer dog on the streets of Montenegro

As there’s no shelter here in Bar, Montenegro, there’s absolutely no way to get him off the streets. Although I haven’t seen him for some time now, probably, because of the series of Christmas poisonings that killed many homeless animals. Here’s a couple of articles about that. You’ll have to use google translate to read them. No English language press has published the stories.

One article

Another article

The summary is that the poison is thrown regularly and lies everywhere on the streets together with animal corpses. Many people think it’s the authorities themselves who “clean” the place this way. Whoever they poisoners are, they were never caught, although it’s the 6th poisoning in the recent months.

Beautiful cat Phoenix didn’t survive the attack of the killer dog. I tried to save him, but he couldn’t recover after his injuries. Phoenix a perfect cat who didn't survive a dog attack in Montenegro

Another cat survived a dog attack, that’s why he was called Lucky. I treated him for his injures and he lived next to other cats for a long time, before disappearing when the fierce weather came. Lucky_the_cat_who_was_lucky

Winters are usually mild here with temperatures rarely colder than +10C. This winter, though, they went all the way down to -6. The water in cats’ cups didn’t melt even in the sun. I collected circles of ice. water for cats froze in the cups

It’s the first warm day today, so cats are defrosting. Homeless cat enjoying the warmth of the sun
Homeless cat enjoying the warmth of the sun

These are Zak and Pro, the guys from an earlier post. kittens being silly while defrosting

Their mom was almost killed by a hard blow of an unknown origin. She survived by mere luck, I was not able to take her to vets as she’s feral. That’s how she was shaking those days:

It’s very hard to help animals here, not only because of the amount of homeless animals, and absolutely no help from the state, but also because of constant harassment and abuse directed at those who are trying to help. I was harassed and then physically attacked while helping these homeless kittens. a group of hungry homeless kittens

That’s what life in a European country, called Montenegro is like. an almost blind cat with hungry kittens

An update.

I feel if I don’t post whatever I can post, I will never post again. I simply have no time for well crafted texts, beautifully taken photos and nicely arranged stories. The stories keep happening too quickly. There’s never an end to them. The photos are taken with phones, the texts turn outdated before I even finish a draft.

So here they are, just a few bits and scraps.

Zak and Pro from one of the previous posts are almost ok. Zak has lost a tip of his ear in a fight the details of which I’ll never learn, which caused an ear infection, which probably caused an overall respiratory infection, all of which we successfully fought off, and by “we” I mean, Zak, me and vets.
Here’s Pro being silly, trying to get Zak, while Zak’s trying to get any cuddles possible.
Screen Shot 2014-09-27 at 02.37.20

Pro and Zak are eating.
Two stray cats eating

The awesome Orange Cat has been neutered! A local woman played an important role in the whole process and I feel very thankful to her and to all other people who made it at all possible. The Orange Cat is still homeless, still craves to be an indoor cat, still battles many problems, but now she has one problem solved.
A beautiful orange cat who is homeless

This is another homeless kitten in Montenegro. I’m not even sure I’ll see her again. She doesn’t have a name. She just has skin and back paws problems. I’m taking her to vets and feeding her, but it all is useless. The climate has changed to the worse in the country. There are torrential rains, insane winds and it’s already too cold for September.
homeless tiny kitten in Montenegro

In these couple of days, there was also a feral kitten stranded on a highway, we managed to take it to a safer place. There’s a blind kitten, with some chances to be able to see again, a family is providing a place for him, I’m just helping with the translation at the vets and I also bring him to the clinic, when the family is busy.

There are people who start rows if they see a water bowl under their long ago broken vehicle. They throw the bowls away… Some throw tiny kittens away. I found one a few days ago. He didn’t make it. The local woman mentioned above is now fighting for the lives of the four newborn kittens that somebody left at the trash containers during the downpour.

There are people here who urinate in the cat water bowls, there are people who urinate on cats.

There are very few who genuinely try to help, and many who come up with assignments for me to do.

There’s really just too much going on for one blog post, for several blog posts. A lot of the information gets to the twitter account, twitter is faster and more convenient for describing such events.

As for the events themselves, I’m sorry, but I’m not longer able to shield you from negative information. How would one filter information on the topic of animal abuse and neglect? Taking into account, how they “solve” the stray dogs problem here (three torturous shelters for the whole country and global, regular, organised animals poisoning on the streets), I’m close to being thankful for this neglect. That’s the mantra I repeat to people here on a daily basis – ‘just do not hurt them’. I’m no longer hoping for help.

Funny cats photos

cat rolls and twists in the sun and makes funny faces

A cat is showing her tongue with trees in the background

funny cat cleaning its paw

These are the cats that I’ve cared for the longest, and we’ve been through the toughest times together. All three are neutered and live on the streets. Now I’m trying to find homes for them everywhere I can, the chances to find homes for them here in Montenegro are almost non-existent. I’m willing to work on a way to transport them, if I find a loving family for any of them outside Montenegro.
Each of them has her own story. You can read those stories by clicking on the names above the photos.

The cat I adore and other news

Hello everybody!
I’ve started a youtube channel for the homeless cats of Montenegro and there’s already the first video. It’s nothing special but heart-warming, the video shows lovely Osen and the way she talks.

I also now tweet the details that didn’t go into a full-length wordpress post. You can read and follow CatsMNE twitter account here.

The thing I’ve been the most excited about is the upcoming Animal Welfare course organised by Edinburgh University. It’s online and it’s free. You can read about the course and join it here. The course starts on 14th July.

Although this is a cat blog, here’s a not cat photo that I took years ago in an amazing place that I will forever love. What a way to cross paths with Edinburgh and its University again.
a violin player in the centre of Edinburgh

A cat family

I see many cats every day. For example this is a family that accepts meals from me. The mother’s name is Hilya. They are quite feral and still confused about their own feelings towards me, so when they see me, they run to me and hiss and mew at the same time, and are not sure if they are horrified or happy.
There are stories about them, but as they are not easy ones, I’ll leave them for some other time. Now let’s simply watch their picnic:

Hilya performs the hissing mews to beg for food.
white cat is sitting on the street with her mouth open

The first kitten joins.
a mother cat scratches and mews next to her kitten

The second kitten joins.
three cats are waiting for food outside

We is ready, where is food?
kittens look into the camera while the mother cat is looking away

Mother cat begs for food while kittens are watching

a kitten is begging for food next to his mother cat and a sibling

Where is the food?!
mother cat yells into the camera

two cats eating

third kitten in the middle

a third kitten licks near the food

Food protection mode on.
a kitten protecting his meal

These cats need home

closeup portrait of a black and white cat looking to the side

cat rolling in the sun

grey cat sitting on the street

Orange cat looking to the site

Cat is walking on the streets next to parked cars

They need home, because they are warm, affectionate creatures, who love being around people, who understand people, listen to any intonation and watch any gesture. These cats get attached to people easily. They wait for those they love. They give up food for cuddles. They crave love. They want to be indoors, they try to sneak under roofs of cafes or open terraces, but they are rarely welcomed there. They never require much and are always joyful about any scraps of comfort they were lucky to get – a box, a thrown away piece of cloth, a warm car’s hood. These cats behave like pets, they feel like pets, love like pets, but they have neither owners nor homes. They live on the streets of Montenegro, and this is a very harsh life to live, for the reasons that I will explain later.

If you know anybody who could be interested in these cats, please, send them the link to the post. Let others enjoy the photos, so that more people can see these cats, as these cats deserve to be seen.

Click a photo of a cat if you want to learn more information about her.